The public consultation is now closed. If you have submitted comments, or you attended the exhibition on the 29th March 2022 and made comment there, thank you for doing so. Your comments will be taken into account as the proposals and planning application are readied for submission to the local planning authority ‘Hart District Council’.

Once the planning application has been submitted and the Council is satisfied all relevant information has been provided, it will undertake a public consultation of its own for a period of at least 21 days. You may be notified of this directly by the Council if they write to you. Likewise, you may see the planning application advertised in the local press, on the Parish Council’s noticeboard and website or you may see the Council’s site notice which will be attached in a prominent publicly accessible position (usually a telegraph pole or similar) near to the site giving you details of where to write to and the relevant dates.

The landowners of the former park & ride, located opposite the De Havilland Arms, would like to open a new Lidl foodstore, as well as a drive-through restaurant. A new Lidl store will create up to 40 new full and part-time jobs for local people.

A new, modern Lidl store on this site will provide a spacious and attractive shopping environment, which will improve local customer choice. The store will offer all your favourite high-quality products at Lidl’s low prices.


The proposals are still at a formative stage and we would like to know what you think of our emerging plans. We will be holding a local public exhibition of the plans on 29th March 2022 at Church on the Heath and would be very happy to see you there and to answer any questions that you have.

This website provides some introductory information, reflective of the early stage we are at, so you can better understand what is being proposed.

The forthcoming planning application will include supporting reports and surveys covering such topics as trees, highways, access, drainage, ecology and retail impact. The team available at the public exhibition will be able to answer your questions.

When the planning application is submitted it will include full detailed plans for the Lidl store and outline plans for the drive-through.


The site is on the former Elvetham Park and Ride site, as can be seen on the images below:


The site measures c.2.3ha and benefits from substantive road frontage and an established vehicular access.

It lies to the immediate south of a Morrisons supermarket, part of a community hub comprising retail, leisure, community and educational uses located at the heart of the Elvetham Heath sustainable urban extension.

The site is therefore what the planning system terms ‘sustainably located’ being conveniently co-located with Elvetham Heath community hub and accessible on foot or bike from a large number of your homes.

The inset plan shows the extent of the hard-surfaced former park and ride facility.  The remainder of the site is either clear or lain to woodland, with the pocket to the south west possessing a dense understorey.  The southern section, adjoining the rail line sits as a lower level.  


The inset plan to the left highlights some of the opportunities and constraints which have and will continue to guide such matters as the principle of the proposal and the layout of the site.

As can be seen the site is adjacent to the existing community hub, which is already a destination for the local community. The site is inherently sustainably located having been the former park and ride site.

The opportunity exists for a new access off Elvetham Way, instead of the existing access to the Park and Ride from the main road into Elvetham Heath from the A323 Fleet Road.

The site topography slopes down to the south and therefore the new buildings need to be located on the northern part of the site. This allows for the retention of the established tree buffer to the south of the site which will be bolstered by additional landscaping as part of the development.

Part of the site is previously developed and is termed ‘brownfield’. It is generally favourable for new development to be located on brownfield land because it has previously been developed on.


The store has been designed to present its main façade to shoppers approaching from Elvetham Way to the north and from the car park to the east.

In terms of views from the west the building has been designed with a sloping green roof to allow it to blend into the wooded backdrop to the east. The building will be built to Lidl’s latest specification including Lidl’s popular bakery, longer style tills with dual packing and customer toilets.

Our designers have taken into account the local environment; surrounding buildings, homes, etc. when designing the building so it blends into the special context of Elvetham Heath. Please take a close look at our architectural drawings to see the design elements and materials we have used.

For more information about this project please contact:

Chapman Lily Planning Limited

Tel: 01929 553818